Private Investigation / Detective agency "Resident" . Private detective services in Russia

Private investigations "Resident"

Private detective services in Russia. Your safety and privacy in hands of professionas

Phone: +7(8452)932-468

Private investigations "Resident"

Private detective services in Russia.

Phone: +7(8452)932-468

Detective agency "Resident"
We will prove and we will show !

No need to think a lot to use private detective services or not.
The faster You will use them, the faster your problem become solved and all your questions will be answered.

About Us

Speaking about the price of private detective services, you must be shure, that they will be much lower, than the results of unsolved problems. Call us now and entrust yourself, as it was done by numerous satisfied clients.


††† Sometimes It's complicated and takes a long time to contact Russian law enforcement bodies or Russian police to solve a question or check the counterparty in a fast way. In this case private detective or detective agency is the best choice, because convenient procedures and fast result, including 24 hours live support will make Your problem solved. We can support You in all civil and criminal cases including fraud, scam and private life issues

††† Moreover, we do not ask additional questions and processing any of requests, that follows Russian laws. We process each client individually and immediatelly starting execute Your request.

If solving Your problem require additional resources there is no need for You to contact another specialist. We have full list of stuff to solve out all our request


Our Services

Here You can see basic list of services of Private investigation agency Resident

Breach of faith investigation

Sometimes It's very important while searching "Russian Wife" or communicating with Russian woman or a girl ( who on practice can be Nigerian scammer or just a fat boy) to check their validity and their wish to really process relations with his partner. Our private investigation agency have certain list of methods that will give you proper result for one hundred percent ! We will carefully process Your request and warranty the proper result. We also can check your second lovely part for cheating and negative information.

Search for lost people, lost property, search for relatives

Searching for lost people is basically a big and hardworking objective, that is usually is part of the job of law enforcement bodies. But on parice it appears, that only private detective and private investigation agency can provide high quality service in short period of time. We are provessionally processing this requests. Please contact us by phone or by e-mail and we will try to help you in this case.

Search for whiteness, evidence, verifying Your business partners

Sometimes it's really important to empower your position during process of civil case, business communication or in criminal case. The best way is to contact private investigator, who will professinally offer you the solution of concrete situation.

Civil and Criminal cases Investigation

Sometimes itís very complicated to process legal support from abroad, We can help You in this case. Our professional certified lawyers can do the job in the best way and professionally support your case. Sometimes Itís just required to process your personal independent investigation, to get the real information or just to ensure yourself in situation or get the truth up! No problem. We can do it for You in shortest period with excellent result.

Lawyer services in Russia, Advocat support, all legal support

Sometimes, after communicating with a client, we see, that your problem appears to be completely be solved in a legal way, in this case we guarantee full legal support. Contact us for details and we will provide you solutions of solving the situation free of charge.

Search for lost pets, property, graves, relics etc.

Lost something, search for something, no matter what you need Ė we can find it for You. Explain us Your problem and be sure we will find an excellent solution.

Your represetantive in Russia